Thursday, July 24, 2008


As the Breaking Dawn premiere slowly creeps upon us, with our countdown now at less than eight days, it's time to start planning what us Twilighters (or Twi-hards ;) ) will do while counting down the minutes until the much-awaited novel comes out!

The A-Z ways to prepare for Breaking Dawn:

A: Act out your favorite scenes with friends (author's tip: get a hot guy friend to play Edward across from your Bella).
B: Buy topaz contacts and wear them around, telling random people stories from your last "hunting" trip.
C: Compose love songs for Edward (or Jacob!).
D: Dazzle someone! Go around your local mall asking people to dazzle you.
E: Eat only red foods for a day (blood colored ;) ).
F: Find a midnight premiere party near you!
G: Get your friends to start calling you Spunk Ransom.
H: Hone your musical skills by listening to the original Twilight tribute band: The Bella Cullen Project.
I: Italy! Dress up like the Volturi with a few of your friends. Have fun explaining the black robes to others.
J: Jane Eyre! Go take it out from your local library and see the connections to Twilight. Do the same with Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet.
K: Klutz! Be a klutz for the day- maybe your personal Edward will come help you keep your balance.
L: Learn to play the piano and compose your own "Bella's Lullaby."
M: Make your own Bella bracelet.
N: New chapters. Write your own version of Breaking Dawn, or write new chapters for the past books.
O: Outline what you're gonna wear at the premiere party!
P: Pre-order your book (and a Twilight calender, while you're at it!)
Q: Quileute stories! Tell their back stories of the wolves to strangers.
R: Read and reread the first three books of the series.
S: Stage a mock war (Cullens+the wolves vs. the newborns).
T: Test drive a silver Volvo or yellow Porsche 911 Turbo.
U: Undertake a new hobby: Edward hunting. Go to a local mall (or somewhere like it) with your friends and try to get pictures with 'dazzling' guys who remind you of Edward (or hot guys who remind you of Jacob). The one one with the most dazzling guy's picture wins!
V: Volvos! Go on a roadtrip with your friends and see who can spot the most silver Volvos.
W: Watch and rewatch the Twilight movie previews.
X: X-amine your local forests and meadows! Go on a hiking trip with family or friends. Who knows? Maybe you'll happen to meet a Cullen-esque family on one of their biweekly trips.
Y: Youtube! Film fun Twilight-themed videos with your friends.
Z: Zoo! Check out your zoo's wolf section and try to find that certain wolf with that perfect russet fur....

So, there you go! The A-Z in awaiting the premiere of Breaking Dawn, where all of our questions about Bella and her relationships will be answered! Hopefully these ideas will help you entertain yourselves so you don't go absolutely crazy in anticipation.

Question of the Day: Who do you think will die in Breaking Dawn (if anyone)? How will they die and how will it affect the rest of the characters and the plot?
Comment your answers below!

Happy Twilighting!